Fayetteville Jazz Collective Octet at Railyard Park

Friday, July 30, 8 P.m.

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The NWA Jazz Society and the City of Rogers present the Fayetteville Jazz Collective Octet live in concert on Friday, July 30 on the Butterfield Stage in Railyard Park in Rogers, AR.

ADMISSION: Free! (You may reserve VIP tickets at the link above.)

The stage is a sprawling pavilion for large gatherings and the old farmers market building behind the stage will be the hub for a concession. Frisco Plaza is located across the street.

The FAYETTEVILLE JAZZ COLLECTIVE OCTET is made up of top shelf jazz musicians from the N.W. Arkansas
region who have come together to challenge themselves and delight audiences by playing jazz written and arranged for a large ensemble. The Collective includes great soloists and ensemble players coming together to create swinging grooves, funk and upbeat rhythms.


299 E Cherry St

Rogers, AR 72756

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