Thank you for your support

The Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society, NAJS, is a non-profit membership organization. Your annual membership dues, along with donations from individuals and corporations, are the lifeblood of our operating funds. So, we thank you for supporting us!

Membership Levels & Pricing

Your tax-deductible membership entitles you to discounts to NAJS events, inclusion in our Jazz Events email, and attendance to special member appreciation concerts and events. We offer varying levels of memberships. Find the one that best suits you:

Individual: $35

Student: $15

Family (up to 4 people): $50

Sustaining: $150

Business: $350

Memberships must be renewed annually. We are diligent about sending out reminders and helping you through the process. You can cancel your membership at any time by simply contacting us. 


If you're uncertain of your membership status, need your event discount coupon code, or have other questions, you may email Robert Ginsburg or call The Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society at 479-225-2306.

Purchase or Renew Membership


If you'd like to extend your support beyond a membership, you can make a tax-deductible contribution at any time. They can be mailed to Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society, 962 Dogwood Lane Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701.

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Sustaining  $150+

Virginia Coogan 
Jennifer Cook 
Art Hobson 
Jim Jordan 
Kenneth Leonard 
Sabra and Bill Martin 
Tim McCarley 
Jeremiah Moye 
Darren Novotny 
Mike Owings 
Mark Silano 
Gerry Sloan 
Norm & Dore Snyder 
Joyce Stafford 
Graham Stewart


Student  $15+

Isabella Gueno 
Isabel Kasman 
Mariel Kasman 
Drew Majors 
McKenzie McDaniel 
Emerson Rowe 
Jordan Southerland 
Sophia Underwood 
Andrew Watson

Family  $50+

Kaleb Allee 
Larry Altman 
Mark Arnold 
Bob Arvin 
Elizabeth Bainbridge 
Mary Barham 
Jennifer Beasley 
Joe Bender 
Bob Billig 
Rob and Roberta Billingsley 
Scott Birch 
Garret Bolding 
William Browner 
Robert Coffin 
Patrick Conge 
Dan and Deborah Coody 
David Crittenden 
Don Cumbie 
William Doerr 
Corinna Dranow 
Kristina Dukes 
Van & Dayna Enderson 
Franklin Evarts 
Ben Farhner 
Robert Ginsburg 
Tom Gorsuch 
Carmen Greenup 
Gary Guthrie 
Christian Hansen 
Christine Hilker 
Bonnie Johnson 
Jay Johnson 
Ryan Knaup 
Kevin Kraning 
Alan  Lamb 
Lynn & Al Larson 
Steven Lord 
Jay & Judy McDonald 
Patrick &  Peggy Moriarity 
Robert Mortenson 
Gary Nunn 
Conrad Odom 
Roby Pantall 
Jeanne Parham 
 Jean Pearson 
Kathy Pederson 
Christy Pollock 
John Ray 
Kriste Rees 
Shannon Roth 
Richard Salonen 
James Samuelson 
Mike Sorenson 
Kathy Sutterfield 
Ronald Troillett 
Bonnie & Stephen Turner 
Sandra Twiggs 
Michael Ward 
Nancy Ward 
Gary & Shea Weidner 
Tom Wilkerson 
Steven & Gretchen Wilkes

Individual  $35+

Richard Bailey 
Phyllis Black 
Marty Burggraf 
Brittany Christian 
Margaret Clark 
Kathleen Conway 
Ian Curriden 
Shirley Esch 
Donald Franklin 
Karl Friar 
Tim Garton 
Allan Gibson 
Andy Green 
Robb Hastings 
Anne Hensley 
Ted Ivy 
Jonathan Karrant 
Bridget Kelly 
Paula Koch 
Janan Lane 
Aaron Mashburn 
Robert McConnell 
Edward Metheny 
James Mills 
Gerald Monigan 
Mary M. Nordan 
Thomas O’Neal 
Stephen Perry 
Jeff Pratt 
Drew Rogers 
Susan Sacknoff 
Julie Schultz 
Buddy Shute 
Janice Stanesic 
Rob Taylor 
Donald Walsh 
Irene Whittaker 
Jordan Williams